Istanbul – a city of cats

Istanbul is not only a beautiful city it is also cat lover heaven. There are kittens and cats everywhere!

It also seems the local people like the moggies too as I saw them being feed and given water.

Below are a few pictures of the cuties you can see around the streets of the city.

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The cats will happily join you for a coffee


Kitten near the Galata Tower


Enjoying some scraps and milk left out for them


A tiny kitten near the bazaar


5 thoughts on “Istanbul – a city of cats

  1. colinjkeats says:

    Hey, a distant Dutch cousin of mine made a photo book of cats of Amsterdam. It really is fascinating, he took pics of live cats as well as cats depicted in statures, paintings, random murals and so on, there ended up being well over 100 photos. These ones in Istanbul are adorable.

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