Travel Budget – Everest Base Camp Trek

This is how much I spent over 15 days while completing the Everest Base Camp Trek:

1,650NPR total
110NPR per night
Accommodation on the trek is cheap. I never paid more than 300NPR for a twin room. Two rooms I stayed in had views of Everest and both cost 200NPR. Anywhere else in the world you’d pay hundreds of dollars for a view like that!


27,390NPR total
1,826NPR per day
Food is expensive! Bear in mind most of the food has to be flown in to Lukla and then carried to the various tea houses by porters. When you see the huge loads they carry you’ll learn not to grumble about the price. Despite what I had heard the food didn’t get that much more expensive at altitude. I did notice a hefty price increase with altitude in the Annapurna region but not so much for Everest. Maybe I just got lucky with my tea houses!

1,500NPR total
100NPR per day
Very little here as walking and gawping the beautiful scenery are both free. I did go to Liquid Bar in Namche twice – once to watch a DVD about Everest on the way up and again for a celebratory gin and tonic on the way down.


10,365NPR total
691NPR per day
This includes everything from water purification tablets to conservation fees. Not to mention toilet rolls (400NPR), charging (400NPR) and the odd shower (400NPR). These little luxuries did seem to get more expensive the higher up you were. And above Dingboche your “shower” is likely to be a bucket of warm water. I roughed it and saved myself for a real shower in Namche on the way down. Sleeping bag rental set me back 100NPR per day and renting a down jacket costs 150NPR per day.

Return flight to/from Lukla £192.50
Taxi to/from airport 700NPR
I booked my flight direct after experiencing a lot of hassle from Thamel travel agents. You can book with an agent but expect a hefty commission to be added and a hard sell for one of their tours.

The total spend for my 15 day trek was 41,605 NPR (excluding flights), averaging 2,774 NPR per day.


A few tips:
▪️Don’t choose your tea house on their price for a room. Have a look at the menu. The room might be cheap but if the food is overpriced your bill will stack up. You are expected to eat all your meals at the tea house you’re staying in or face an additional fee.

▪️Book your flight to/from Lukla direct with the airline. I booked with Tara online and saved myself the commission charged by the Thamel travel agents.

▪️You may spend less while trekking (I sometimes had two breakfasts!) But you could also spend more (for example if you want to shower regularly and get wifi). Keep your own travel style in mind when planning your budget.

▪️Avoid getting sick! My boyfriend managed to contract the Khumbu cough which put him a foul mood and cost us a lot on medicine. Wear a buff to save your throat from the dry air and dust.

▪️ The cold weather zaps the life out of your batteries so it’s a good idea to keep electronics in your sleeping bag with you at night. You’ll save on the hefty charging fees!

▪️ Take this opportunity to disconnect. Wifi is expensive and you don’t need it. You’re in the Himalayas! Enjoy the view. I connected once to tell my mum I was alive and post a cheeky “we made it” post on Facebook. But other than that I enjoyed a good break from it all.


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