The Cheese and Chocolate Bar in the Marina Bay Sands Hotel

The Marina Bay Sands is a striking feature of the Singapore skyline, and one of the city’s most iconic hotels. Opening in 2010, the hotel boasts an infinity pool on the 57th floor.

In order to swim in the pool, you have to be a guest at the hotel. And with the starting price for rooms being a costly S$439, it’s beyond many travellers budget.

However if you’ve got a hankering for the view. And fancy something more substantial than a peek from the SkyPark. Consider trying the cheese and chocolate buffet in Club55.


Located on the 55th floor, the restaurant offers an incredible view of the Singapore skyline at night. The cheese and chocolate bar opens at 8pm, and an advanced booking is recommended. The buffet is priced at S$48 per adult.

What the food was like
Starting with the cheese. There is a good selection of twelve hard and soft cheeses, with chutneys to complement your choice. Crackers and bread are also available. But I would recommend skipping these to save room for the chocolate.


The chocolate is the main event, with an endless selection of chocolate covered fruits, deserts and even a chocolate fondue. Not to mention the jar upon jar of truffles and pralines. (You can see why I told you to skip the bread!)


The drinks
Tea and coffee are included in the price, and are of decent quality. Alcoholic beverages are extra, and I would urge you to consider one of their wine flights. A standard wine flight costs S$19 and includes a threes glasses of wine: red, white and port.


A standard wine flight, plus a glimpse of the view

To sum up I would recommend heading to the Marina Bay Sands for the Cheese and Chocolate bar. This delicious buffet offers a speculator view to guests and non-guests alike, and the whole experience is well worth the money.


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