Where to find Vegetarian food in Tokyo

Finding vegetarian food in Japan isn’t always easy, but it is possible. These are just a few options to sample while in Tokyo:

T’s TanTan (Tokyo Station)
This vegan restaurant has to be one of the easiest, and best places to try ramen. There are a selection of noodle soups, which you can ponder over without worrying about where the soup stock came from. Not only are there Japanese options, but also some Korean cuisine. The main dishes cost around 800yen.


Vegan ramen in T’s TanTan

The restaurant itself can be hard to find, tucked away in Tokyo Station. If you’re not travelling on the JR line, you’ll need to buy a platform ticket for 140yen. Once inside, just follow the signs for Keiyo line, and you’ll get there, ready to slurp away on some ramen.

Genki Sushi (Shibuya)
This nifty place allows you to order sushi from a tablet, and your food is delivered from the kitchen to your table by a little train. This has to be the place with the biggest selection of veggie sushi I found in Tokyo. (Unsurprisingly most other places were predominately fish).


Cucumber maki in Genki Sushi

Vegetarian options include cucumber maki, vegetable nigiri, omelette nigiri, edamame beans and if you’re really stretched, chips (French fries). Each plate costs around 129yen, so it’s pretty cheap too.


Vegetable Nigiri in Genki Sushi

Komoro Soba (Akasaka)
This affordable noodle restaurant has a number of tofu and egg dishes. The soup stock is soy based, and a great choice to sample some ramen. Alternatively, try them cold, with a soy dipping sauce.

The food comes out fast, so there’s no waiting about. A tofu based dish will cost around 350yen.


Komoro Soba restaurant

Tsurutontan (Roppongi)
A pricer ramen option, but the udon noodles are so fresh it’s worth the step up in cost. There are no vegetarian options on the standard menu. But if you ask the chef, they will prepare you something special. The meal below cost 1290yen.


Vegetarian udon at Tsurutontan

Ain Soph Ripple (Shinjuku)
If you fancy some home comforts, then head to Ain Soph Ripple. A vegan burger restaurant, with a good selection of western treats. Burgers include soy beef, vegan chicken and falafel. They also do burritos and salads.


Soy beef burger, falafel burger and fries at Ain Soph Ripple

All the places listed above have Enlgish menus available, and can easily be reached via the Tokyo metro.


13 thoughts on “Where to find Vegetarian food in Tokyo

    • doingbeingbecoming says:

      Glad to be of help. I’m a pescatarian now, but was a strict vegetarian for many years. So know how hard it can be to get veggie food while travelling. Japan can be very hard if you don’t eat fish, so I thought I’d share the veggie options I found 🙂

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  1. Naf Climbing says:

    It was fun being vegetarian and travelling through Japan. You ended up in some very interesting places! In Nara, there’s a lovely place which is pretty much a woman’s house and she serves vegetarian India inspired dishes. Oh and we both had to use translation books to talk to each other, I’ll never forget that experience! Also, T’s Tan great. Spent quite a bit of time there, I tried ended up trying all the dishes! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • doingbeingbecoming says:

      Glad to hear you enjoyed the veggie food in Japan. Trying to find it definitely adds an extra challenge to travelling, which as you say can be very fun! Unfortunately after three months in India (and getting sick a lot) I’ve really gone off the food. It’s a shame because it’s a great veggie option in most countries! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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