Purradise Cat Cafe – Kitty Cuddles in Kuala Lumpur

In February, after 5 months of travelling, I was seriously beginning to miss my lovely kitties back home. And decided to jump at the opportunity to visit a cat cafe in Kuala Lumpur.


Purradise Cat Cafe is located in the Taman Tun Dr Ismail area of KL. A taxi from the centre of KL to the cafe costs around RM20. But they are in the process of building a train line to the area. A bus takes about 2 hours, whereas the taxi is only takes 25 minutes.

When I visited this was the only cat cafe in KL. It costs RM15 for one hour with the cats, plus a free smoothie or hot drink. Extra time costs RM3 for 15 minutes, but you get a further 30 minutes free if you spend RM12 on food or drinks. They also do full day and monthly packages.


As well as the opportunity to spend time with the cats, it’s also possible to adopt them. All the cats are rescue cats, and usually in need of a good home.

I think this a great way to find homes for rescue kitties, especially the older ones who often get overlooked. It gives you an opportunity to bond with the cat and assess which is bet suited to you. It can also help people realise older cats can still be playful.


As with most cat cafes you can’t pick them up, in my experience they tended to find their way onto your lap regardless.

Whether you live in KL, or are just visiting it’s well worth a trip. You may even come away with a lovely furry companion!


See their website for more information:

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