Momo Making in Kathmandu

One of my favourite dishes while travelling in Nepal had to be the Tibetan dumplings – Momos. As many of my readers will already know, I loved them so much I named my lovely new kitten after them.


When I discovered an opportunity to learn how to make my own in Kathmandu, I jumped at the chance. I opted to learn with Social Tours (based in Thamel), which had a pay what you think it’s worth system.

The course was great and the facilitators were good at getting everyone involved in the process.

It started with a trip to the local market. Part of the organisations aim is to ensure they support local businesses, so we visited the stalls nearby to purchase all the fresh ingredients, such as onions, spinach and cheese.


After the market we learnt how to knead and roll out the dough, which forms the outer casing of the dumplings. Then we learnt which ingredients make the filling, followed by lots of chopping! (The filling is very chopped very fine).

We also learnt how to make two sauces. A traditional one, and a yummy peanut version. Both were incredibly nice.


Then came the tricky part – learning how to seal the dumplings. You place the filling inside the casing and then fold it together and kind of twist it. I’m not going to lie, it was hard to master, and I never quite got the hang of it. Thankfully my boyfriend did, so he’ll be on momo sealing duties when we make them back home.

Afterwards they are steamed or fried. Personally I prefer steamed, but I must admit the fried chocolate ones I have had for dessert were bloody delicious.


Overall I would definitely recommend the course with Social Tours. Unfortunately I did not have time to try any of their other opportunities, but it sounds like they offer some good travel experiences. So it’s worth checking out, especially if you fancy making some momos.


2 thoughts on “Momo Making in Kathmandu

  1. fortyandeverythingafter says:

    That sounds like great fun. I’ve never done a cookery class when I’ve been away but I’ve always fancied it. You may just have inspired me. I really appreciate the idea of ‘pay what you think it is worth’ that is a lovely touch 🙂


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