The Kitten Went Out The Window!

We’ve had little Momo home for around 2 months now, and there have been a number of learning curves. How to cope with him climbing our legs, remembering to hide all the toilet roll, and constantly checking our feet while walking down the stairs.

There have been a number of minor ailments, including a sticky eye and a paw under the muscle roller. But thankfully nothing serious.


Anyway, our little boy loves the fresh air and can’t go out yet (as he’s awaiting his personal operation). And he’d taken to sitting by the window in our bedroom (on the first floor). At first I got extremely anxious and made numerous efforts to keep him away from the window (to no avail – he’s much faster than me!)

My boyfriend was less risk averse, and let him sit up there under close supervision. Time went on and we were more and more confident he wasn’t about to leap out. He just liked the breeze on his face, and nosing on the neighbours.


It got to the point we were fairly happy to have him near the window as long as we were in the room too. This worked for about a month, until the fateful night in mid August.

He fell out the window!

All I heard was a scrabbling noise, followed by a thud. We rushed downstairs and couldn’t find him anywhere. I was absolutely distraught.

Unfortunately it was 9pm and completely dark outside, so we struggled to look for him. He wasn’t responding to his name, the food tin or his favourite toy. After searching up and down the road, we finally found him hiding behind the wheelie bin close to the house.


It was such a relief to find him, and he seemed remarkably well considering his serious tumble. He had one limpy paw, a scuffed nose, and was rather shaken up.

Despite seeming okay we rushed him to the out of hours vets nonetheless. They checked him over and said he should be fine, but offered to keep him in for observation in case he developed a head injury. Of course we wanted what was best for him, and he was admitted overnight.

After a terrible, sleepless night we were back at the vets to collect our Momo in the morning. Thankfully he was still okay, and the vet said he’d be absolutely fine. Such a relief!


Needless to say we’re now the proud owners of FlatCats – mesh window barriers which Velcro on and off. For Β£50 a pair, these allow Momo to have his breeze, but no further mishaps.

Momo has completely bounced back, and is totally unfazed by his experience. Still as bouncy and bright as ever. In fact it’s been rather difficult to get him to rest his paw. But even so it’s improved substantially.

A week on I’m still fairly shaken, and sometimes still hear the scrabble and thud. Almost like a flashback. But I give him a cuddle and remind myself he’s okay. Thank goodness kitties have 9 lives!

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