All About The Everest Base Camp Trek

It’s hard to believe it’s been over a year since I set foot at Everest Base Camp. But I still remember it like it was yesterday!

To commemorate my one year EBC anniversary I thought I’d put together a post with all the information I’ve had to offer about EBC so far.

I really hope it helps others achieve their goal of trekking to Everest Base Camp (5364m)


The Trek


Lightweight EBC Trek Packing List

EBC Trek Budget

Some Useful Posts For EBC Trek Planning

Important Information For All High Altitude Treks



10 thoughts on “All About The Everest Base Camp Trek

  1. Shauna91 says:

    I see your page is in the same niche like my site. Do you
    allow guest posts? I can write interesting and unique articles for
    you. Let me know if you are interested.


  2. osmankung says:

    Dear friend:
    I read your blog about EBC trek.
    Do the tea house need to book before I arrive it?
    Or do you looking for the tea house when you arrive the village?
    Because I will go to EBC trek next year.

    Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • doingbeingbecoming says:

      Hiya . We did not need to book, just found places as we went along. I have heard sometimes it does get busy, but being completely full is a rarity. Worse case scenario you’d have to sleep in the communal area, but even that’s unlikely. It should be fine to just turn up 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      • osmankung says:

        Dear Friend:

        Your answer let me get relief.

        And can I ask you two questions?

        1. How did you apply the TIMS and Permit?
        In KTM?
        How long? Because I need to book the flight date from KTM to lukla.

        2. Where can I buy the National Park ticket? In Monjo?

        Thank you a lot.




      • doingbeingbecoming says:

        Hiya. Sorry I only just saw your comment so I hope this advice isn’t too late! I think we managed to get our TIMS card the same day by going down to the tourism board office. It only took 30 minutes, but I would allow half a day in case it’s busy. And yes you pay for the park ticket near Monjo – the office is opposite a big sign about altitude sickness.


  3. lgsimms says:

    Hey! I’m leaving for EBC in a month and just wondered if i can get everything i need in Kathmandu before i go (apart from boots) Is there anything worth getting before hand that i might not be able to over there? thank you !!


    • doingbeingbecoming says:

      Hiya. So sorry I did not see this before now. I guess you’re already on your way to base camp now. I hope you found everything you needed, and had an excellent time trekking to EBC πŸ™‚


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