Farnborough Half Marathon 2017

On Sunday 22nd January I ran my first Half Marathon, just 7 months after taking up running. It was an incredible experience, which I really enjoyed.

As I’ve written about in a previous blog post, I am training for the Brighton Marathon, this April, and wanted to take part in a Half Marathon to see how I was getting on.


There are a number of ‘pre-London’ half marathons in March, but I was worried that would a be a little too late for Brighton (which is two weeks earlier than the London marathon). So I was incredibly pleased when I heard my home town, Farnborough, was hosting it’s first ever half marathon event in January.

It seemed almost perfect – my first year running, and Farnborough’s first half marathon – like it was meant to be.

So of course I signed up immediately, and was incredibly pleased to see that one of my favourite running routes (along the canal) would make up part of the course. I actually posted the picture below on Instagram back in August with the caption – ‘investigating some new running routes’. Little did i know at the time that would later set the scene for my first Half Marathon!

When race day finally arrived I was a mix of nerves and excitement. I usually run alone, so being part of a big event gives me mixed feelings, but I’m very glad of the practice in preparation for Brighton, where there will be another 15,000 runners taking part!

i was rather impressed at how many people turned up to my rather boring home town to run, and hopefully the cobbles around the business park didn’t put too many people off coming back (those who ran it will know what I mean!)

Overall I really enjoyed the event. There were times when it was a mental battle – but I generally gave myself a stern talking to, and somehow pushed myself across the finish line at 1:58:50. A time I am very proud of, being a new runner.


All in all I am hopeful I am on track for Brighton. I’ve been building my long runs up, and think my endurance is getting better.

Reading back on my old blog post I noticed my original hierarchy of goals were:
To finish
To run all the way
To finish in under 5 hours

Providing I don’t injure myself again, I think these are all now very achievable, and I may even manage a slightly faster finish (going by my HM time).

Fingers crossed all goes well!

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8 thoughts on “Farnborough Half Marathon 2017

  1. Nano @ Travel With Nano B. says:

    This is fantastic news, congratulations!! I admire your determination. Even though I like running and incorporate it from time to time my workout regimen, I cannot imagine finishing a marathon. I absolutely aspire to you and wish you best of luck. I am sure you will do great on the day of the big day! 🙂

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  2. plantbasedsamt says:

    Well done great time! I ran this race too and it was a tough one – not as flat as I thought it would be but the views were great!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ade says:

    Nice work, I ran it too and didn’t enjoy the cobblestones either, but loved the canal. Well done on your time and good luck with the Brighton marathon. If you need some motivation or running tips check out my club, Cove Joggers. We love new members.

    Liked by 1 person

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