Istanbul – Top five experiences

When visiting Istanbul everyone knows to head to the famous Blue Mosque. However Süleymaniye is in many ways preferable. Like the Blue Mosque it is free to enter but the complex itself is bigger with more areas to explore. As it’s generally less well known it’s also quieter – not quite some many selfie-stick wielding tourists! The mosque itself is beautiful and is set within gardens which offer a great view back over the city. It’s a nice place to relax with plenty of shade to escape the midday heat. Süleymaniye is located on the Third Hill just north of Istanbul University and it takes about 10 minutes to walk there from the Grand Bazaar.


Beautiful ceiling in part of the Süleymaniye mosque

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Istanbul – a city of cats

Istanbul is not only a beautiful city it is also cat lover heaven. There are kittens and cats everywhere!

It also seems the local people like the moggies too as I saw them being feed and given water.

Below are a few pictures of the cuties you can see around the streets of the city.

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The cats will happily join you for a coffee

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