Top Things To Do In Tokyo On A Budget

Japan is a wonderful country to travel in, and I would recommend it as a destination in a heartbeat. However, unlike many Asian countries, it’s not always easy to travel on a budget. That said, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of free attractions, and cheap eating options available. These are a few of my top choices from Tokyo:

View From The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building
FREE – I would highly recommend a trip up the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building to have a look at the view. I went up at night and it was great to see all the buildings lit up. You can see for miles, and it’s hard to belief it’s free. However, if you fancy splashing out, there is an international restaurant at the top too, which considering the location is reasonably priced. It can be a bit tricky to find the lift, but head for building 1 and you should find the queue. It was quite long when we joined, but moved quickly.
Metro stop – Shinjinku


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Money saving tips for travel around New Zealand

New Zealand can be a fairly expensive country to travel around, especially in comparison with Asia. However there are a few things you can do to keep your budget down. Here are a few suggestions:
One of the most expensive aspects of travelling around New Zealand has to be the activities. Skydives, white water rafting, zorbing etc – it all adds up. A great website to check out is They offer great discounts on an array of activities from bungee jumps to spa trips. And the savings can be large. For example I booked black water rafting via bookme and saved $100!


Save money on skydives and much more on

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Travel Budget – Nepal

Before leaving for Nepal I set aside a travel budget of £600 ($860) per month. This turned out to be about right.

Your budget for Nepal will very much depend on whether or not you plan to do any trekking, as this tends to be where the costs add up. I spent 25 days trekking during my 52 day stay in Nepal, so my budget is likely to be higher than those who plan to stay at a lower altitude.
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How to save money for a RTW trip

After making the decision to travel the world I calculated I would require around £20,000 for a 10 month trip. This is probably larger than most people’s budgets as I had to ensure my mortgage and related expenses were covered while away.

Unfortunately £20,000 is not a small amount and unless I won the lottery I realised I would have to do some serious saving.
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How much to save for a RTW trip

One of the most difficult aspects of planning a round the world trip is getting the funds together. Although long term travel needn’t be expensive the costs involved do require some consideration before taking the leap.

A good first step is deciding which countries you plan to visit and for how long. From this you can usually work out how much you’ll need for day to day expenses on the trip. For example for each month in New Zealand I budgeted £1500 ($2150) and India £500 ($715).
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