Travel Budget – New Zealand

Prior to arriving in New Zealand my budget for this country was one of the big unknowns in preparing for the trip. This is because we were planning to buy a campervan (rather than rent), and had no guarantees how much money we’d get back when it came to selling. Additionally New Zealand is renowned for being a fairly expensive country to travel in, which given the amazing adventure sports on offer its not surprising costs add up.

Over the 72 days I spent in New Zealand the costs amounted to $5,336 total. And averaged out at $74.11 per day. (All costs are in NZ dollars btw not USD!)

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Buying and selling a backpacker car / campervan in New Zealand

Without a doubt, the best way to travel around New Zealand is with your own set of wheels. It gives you flexibility and independence the buses and tour companies just cannot offer.

Should I buy or rent?
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